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Diving Trip in Maldives For A Week

 24th Jul. 2019


Do you have a stereotype that Maldives is only for honeymoon and is very pricey?

Today we’re going to break that stereotype- You can travel there in a very economical way as long as you stay at Maafushi Island. The accommodation, diving shop, restaurants there are affordable and the quality is good. I remember the Hotel I stayed at was just established in 2019 so everything in that hotel is relatively new. 

Spending in the dive shop is also affordable, with less than US$50/tank on a fancy yacht. We got to see dolphins and pilot whales along the way. The trip was super worthy, surely I will be back there again!

Editor LS


OneBreath's Story

22nd Jul. 2019

OneBreath is a group of people that love water activates, freediving especially, and everything that's about ocean.

We grew up in sunny land Taiwan, an island surrounded by beautiful ocean. I always find it sad that how come Taiwan is not listed in "must visit" diving place? There are too many off-shore islands from Taiwan that are just so good for diving. I personally love them better than the Philippines! Trust me, you just can't get enough of the crystal clear water!

Since we’ve been trying so hard to get the best wetsuit for so long, but found that most wetsuits on the website just don’t offer enough details like size chart, only a few photos, or ambiguous product specification, we always spend so much time doing the research and worrying about wetsuit does not fit.

It was not until then do we made up our mind that we should create our own wetsuit. We did market survey and found that one common concern most of the consumers have was the fitting issue. To conquer this, we spent nearly a year finding the right material, tested the right cut and shape. 

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