• Return Policy

Q1: Can I return products?

A: If you find that the product doesn't fit you, you can always return it within 45 days of the delivery date to change the size or get a full refund (excluding shipping fee). The customer is responsible for ensuring that the product is unused and is returned in good condition. Cuts or creases are not acceptable. OneBreath reserves the right to refuse to offer a refund for used or defective returned products. The customer has to bear the shipping costs of a return.

Note: Custom order are NON RETURNABLE and CANNOT BE CANCELLED once placed due to the custom and made to order processes involved.

Q2: Return process?


1. Send an email to inform OneBreath that you're considering returning a product. (A. State whether it's a return or size change. B. State the reason. C. Recipient's information will be the same as the order you placed.)

2. OneBreath will offer shipping information for making a return.

3. Please pack the product in its original packaging, place plastic stick between folding places, place the products inside of its plastic zipper bag and carton.

4. OneBreath reserves the right to refuse to offer a refund for used or defective returned products.

  • Shipping

Q3: Where are your products shipped from?

A: 100% from Taiwan.

Q4: What Carrier do you use?

A: We currently only work with EMS.

Q5: Worldwide shipping?

A: Yes we do offer worldwide shipping.

Q6: Payment method?

A: Visa, Master Card, JCB are all acceptable. 100% safe and secure safeguarded by ECPay.

Q7: How long will it take me to get my order?


Asia: around 3-10 business days after order is placed.

North America: around 5-10 business days after order is placed.

South America: 5-20 business days after order is placed.

Europe: around 5-13 business days after order is placed.

Oceania: around 5-10 business days after order is placed.

Africa: around 5-15 business days after order is placed.

  • Orders

Q8: Status of my order?

A: Please log in to your account and there you can find the parcel tracking No.

Q9: Can I cancel or change my order?

A: You may contact with our customer service for order change or canceling order. However, once the order is shipped, order change or cancel is not acceptable.

Q10: I received the wrong goods, what do I do?

A: Please contact us right away we'll do our best to handle the rest.

  • Products

Q11: Product sizing information?

A: Each product's specification and size chart are listed on the product page.

Q12: Notes for wetsuits?


1. The smooth skin wetsuit is very fragile, make sure your fingernails are trimmed well with no sharp cutting edge to prevent cutting the wetsuit surface.

2. Have a swimsuit on before putting on the wetsuit. Wear it dry.

Q13: Wetsuit care?


1. Cleaning: Soak the wetsuit in cold fresh water for at least 20 minutes. After soaking, hose off the wetsuit with fresh water thoroughly. Do not soak the wetsuit in hot water as neoprene loses flexibility in hot water. Using a washing machine, dryer and spin dryer are not acceptable.

2. Drying: Dry your wetsuit in shade. Avoid direct sunlight.

3. Storage: It’s best to store your wetsuit laying flat. If that is not possible, you can hang your suit on a hanger. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not stack.

4. Repair: Small cuts or tears can be easily repaired with wetsuit glue.

Q14: How to put on a wetsuit?


1. Make sure to perform the actions listed below with finger pulps very carefully.

2. Make sure you’re completely dry. Unzip the wetsuit.

3. Pull the wetsuit over your hips and torso with your finger pulps.

4. Then insert one arm at a time.

5. Zip up.

6. It will be much easier to get out of a wet wetsuit when in water. If you’re on shore already, make sure to take it off gently with your finger pulps.

  • How to order?

Q15: How to order?

A: Click on Sing In/ Sign Up button and log in by Facebook then you can start ordering.